Control of the plane

Control of the plane

Control of the plane and discover maneuvers, flight and stationary mode. At the same time, you will be in charge of your device, safely. Becoming a helicopter pilot in France is a process that costs money, but is achievable. All men wishing to fly without training and the license of a private pilot must pass. Discover :  . If you want to become a helicopter pilot, you will have to pass a pilot license. Then you will have to collect the flight hours.

The pilot license

The pilot license is the license that the majority of pilots have. It allows to travel and to carry passengers. It is even possible to travel around the world provided you have the appropriate language skills in the countries visited. Like any learning, flying requires some time investment, be it for lessons. Contact Avinco. Accompanied by special qualifications and training, this license will allow you, if you wish, to expand your field.

Night flight with helicopter

You can indulge in the night flight rating. The night flight is an opportunity to discover its city and its region from another angle but also a promise of security in case of late arrival and sudden destination. On slightly more complex planes, you can pass after your pilot license.

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