Guided tours in the South of France

Guided tours in the South of France

Its exceptional landscape offering a vast relief between sea and mountains, its authentic small villages, its very pleasant micro-climate and its numerous choices of activity make the South of France the preferred place for holidaymakers. Discover more informations : . Moreover, traveling in the Alpes Maritimes has no season since the sun is always there, even in winter. Aside from the vastness of the region, the South of France is also an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant quality of life with its prestigious cities and its particularly lively seaside at night, not to mention its Fabulous cuisine. In terms of gastronomy, the South of France has indeed an exceptional culinary reputation that reflects the art of living and the respect of regional products. In other words, the South of France has everything to please the vacationers. Whether you like camping, hiking, sunbathing on the white sand of a still wild beach, discovering the history of the region through its small medieval villages, practicing new aquatic activities, experiencing an intense night in the Discotheques or shopping for precious memories, you will have the opportunity to experience all this by soliciting guided tours in the south of France. To do this, simply contact an agency specialized in the region that you can easily contact through its official website.

The towers of the vineyards of the PACA region

The south of France is also internationally known for its grape varieties, the oldest of which are particularly renowned for giving remarkable white, red and rosé wines. In the services of guided tours in the south of France, we will not fail to offer you the towers of the vineyards of the region PACA. Discover vineyard tour south of france .The vineyards are an integral part of the landscape in which you will discover many castles and area of ​​the department. A local heritage that you will see amidst pine trees, olive trees and lavender fields. But you will not only observe them from afar because most of these castles and estates open their cellar to the public. It is then a great pleasure to be able to taste their products, to practice some fun activities revolving around the wine and sometimes to attend an exhibition of art. The great wine lovers will be here in their domain and the discoverers will have delicious souvenirs to take away. To make the complete circuit of the region, do not hesitate to contact your guide on its site or by calling it on its direct number. A visit to the Provençal vineyards can be done during your walks, on the road to reach a small village or another city or during a cycling. So there is no time to discover the pride of the region, you can do it at any time of the day.

Sea excursions with dolphins

Guided tours in the south of France also include water parks and sea excursions. And the Mediterranean Sea has a lot to offer. Contact us : sightseeing boat trip. From Nice or Juan les Pins, you can start the sea trips with the dolphins. An adventure that marine life enthusiasts and families will not soon forget. Meetings with marine mammals are quality services offered by passionate and experienced professionals. The adventure takes place on a well equipped boat that you will share with other passengers in a very friendly atmosphere. In general, the departure is made in the early morning as the captain will not make you discover a single dolphin bank but several. These animals known for their great sense of hospitality will not disappoint their admirers by offering them a show of their agility. You will not have anything to take away, the professional takes care of your day. It will be possible to taste the specialties of the region in a charming little restaurant by the sea and to take the aperitif on the boat. If you wish to swim with the dolphins and swim with them, a monitor will accompany you and give you the necessary instructions.

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