How to drive a jet ski safely?

The jet ski is a motorized vehicle that allows you to ride on water. The term can be used nowadays to describe the sport that includes the use of this gadget. Jet skiing is not really complex, to drive a jet scooter or jet ski, as for almost any motor boat, you must have a boat license. More information, discover : Driving a jet ski is not the same as driving a car. There are many factors to consider when driving a jet ski that does not apply to the use of a vehicle. It’s easy to learn to drive a jet ski, but it takes time to get used to it.

The limits for driving a jet ski at sea

The field of use is between 300 metres and 2 nautical miles from the limit of the waters, except for the jet skis with articulated arms for which the limit is 1 nautical mile. At 300 meters inland, local navigation rules must be respected. Mandatory channels should be used where they exist. Personal watercraft must be approved by Marine Affairs and registered. All vehicles shall be fitted with an automatic engine stop system or a slow rotation system in the event of an unexpected fall of the pilot and each vehicle shall have a watertight compartment comprising two automatic main-beam headlamps and be fitted with a towing ring.You can also discover seabob for fun in the water.

Power of a jet ski

To induce a jet ski with a power greater than 6 HP, there are two types of licenses: the coastal license and the river license. A permit is required to navigate at sea. To obtain it, you must pass a theoretical test and a practical test at sea. With this license, you can sail up to 2 miles from the coast using a saddle jet ski and up to 1 mile using a jet ski. A river permit is required to navigate inland and river waters. To obtain this permit, you must pass a theoretical test and a rather simple practical test. Do not try to force a jet ski without a permit because you would be liable to a fine, your insurance will not cover any expenses and you could endanger your life and that of the swimmers.

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