Periods to sell his property

The real estate activity changing with the seasons, it may be interesting to shift a few months the sale of his property. For more information, contact Deplanche real estate. The weather has an impact on the real estate sector. If you can sell throughout the year, some periods are more favorable than others, either because they focus more on your home, or because there are simply more potential buyers.

Realize the sale of your house

It is usually in the spring that the real estate market is experiencing an acceleration of its activity. And for good reason, at the return of the beautiful days, it is not rare to concretize projects put in “stand by” during the winter months. In addition, in the case of a family, the signing of the spring sales agreement will allow for a summer move and ensure that children return to school in good conditions. But if the sale in the spring can allow to rely on rising prices, the increase in the number of real estate transactions recorded between the months of April and June implies that the question “real estate”, the competition is tough … Clearly, a medium-risk dwelling to be drowned in the mass in the spring, but will be more likely to stand out if it is offered for sale in winter or summer. Indeed, in a few weeks, the result of a real estate transaction will probably vary widely … In July-August, most of the sales concluded follow a compromise in the spring. For more information to buying and selling real estate, contact a professional. Compared to the peak in the number of real estate transactions in the spring, the summer season seems, indeed, very calm. The vast majority of properties having found takers in the spring, the summer comes, the demand falls and the goods are more rare on the market. Against all odds, this scarcity of sales as well as supply can still be an advantage. And for good reason, the competition will be less harsh … By cons, in hot weather – or very hot – home visits may well return to the test. Unless you prefer visits at the end of the day. At the end of the summer, transactions restart gradually in early September. But in the opinion of most specialists, if the offer resumes timidly, it is not the same for the demand. If the real added value of the property you wish to separate is its garden, we can not advise you to put it on sale during the winter months. In addition, the small number of real estate transactions between December and February combined with a relatively large stock of goods for sale means that in winter, prices often tend to mimic mercury from the thermometer.

The advice of a real estate agent

To give you every chance to sell, you can even hire a professional. By giving it an exclusive mandate, a real estate agent will advise you on the selling price, on the drafting of the ad, on the decoration, on the choice of the offers to buy … The choice of the season to sell faster is important but the decision of the buyers are also influenced by the economic and political context, their lifestyles and especially a price well estimated from the beginning of the sale.

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