Small luxury yachts

Small luxury yachts

Yachts are luxurious boats that have nothing to envy big boats. On board they will enjoy a high level of comfort, quality equipment and service of a crew including a captain, sailors, hostesses and even a cook. For lovers of the sea, traveling on a luxury small yacht is simply pure pleasure due to its many amenities. The size of some boats can provide you with unseen sensations at sea. Yet, the small luxury yachts are ideal for exploring the coasts and discovering wild coves. Apart from the advantages of size, there are also financial benefits. Small luxury yachts are obviously more accessible than larger boats with a softer maintenance cost. Despite their size, conviviality reigns on board even at high speed. It is a pure pleasure to sail on the seas with small yachts especially if you have the appropriate license and you can fly it yourself. You can choose to sunbathe on the deck, spend a good time with your friends or family in the living room, discover stops or practice various water sports that can be done in the open sea. board a luxury yacht, you can switch to buying to own or consider renting for a more affordable experience.

Small luxury yacht brands

Buying or renting a luxury yacht when not a great connoisseur can prove to be problematic if you want to enjoy the best. Indeed, there are so many offers on the market that there is a risk of getting lost. In any case, the safest way to enjoy the quality is to turn to the brands of small luxury yachts of renown. Discover: Van dutch yachts. Among these are the Dutch brand Van Dutch yachts, the Italian brand Azimut, Bennetti, Aicon, Conam, Pershing, Itama, Canados, Uniesse Marine, Maiora, Cayman yachts, Sanlorenzo, Absolute, Innovazioni e Progretti, Riva and Ferretti, the British brand Princess and Sunseeker, the German brand Sealine, the French brand Prestige and Lagoon and the American brand Viking Yachts. For more information on the specific features of each brand, please visit the specialized websites. Know that you can rent the boat, buy it for new or used. Several options are available to you to enjoy this extraordinary property on the French Riviera.

Yacht tend to rent for the events of the French Riviera

The Côte d’Azur is internationally known for hosting the most prestigious events of the world with the Cannes Film Festival, Formula 1 Grand Prix, galas, car shows and many more. Discover : Yacht tenders. To get to these different events, it is very common that visitors choose to come by luxury car, helicopter or luxury boat. For this last means of transport, the Côte d’Azur offers many offers to travelers as it is a service like no other. One does not choose to sail in luxury yacht because it is more practical but for the quality of life aboard this type of craft which is a great experience to live absolutely. On a luxury yacht, you do not simply travel. We take advantage of the comfort of the cabin, bronze on the bridge, sipping a cocktail while contemplating the beauty of the sea, discover new landscapes and you can even undertake a hike to discover beautiful coves. The Yacht tenders to rent for the events of the French Riviera then allows you to enjoy the best of yachting without requiring you to go through the purchase. You can rent your yacht by day, week or month depending on the length of your cruises or your stay on the French Riviera. But renting a luxury yacht does not necessarily mean that you will travel with it. You can very well rent a yacht to welcome guests, organize an evening or just to make an alternative accommodation to the hotel room.