What types of carpets to choose for your living room?

What types of carpets to choose for your living room?

The carpet is an essential decorative object. This accessory brings a touch of originality and charm in our interior. The choice of a carpet depends mainly on the room where you intend to install it. Generally laid in the living room, the rug allows both to personalize and beautify your corner of relaxation. But how to choose a suitable rug for your living room? To help you find the ideal model, some criteria are to be seen. Indeed, there is currently a wide choice in the market. In addition, many companies specialize in carpet manufacturing. The different references differ in terms of their materials, dimensions and styles. You must also consider its maintenance before purchase to ensure its durability. More informations : Luxury rugs.

Define the size of the carpet

The choice of the dimensions of a carpet depends essentially on the space you have in your living room. Before choosing a model of living room carpet, it is imperative to take into account the surface of your room of relaxation. Feel free to measure your living room to help you find the right accessory. For a beautiful rendering, the surface of a carpet should not exceed a quarter of the room. As a general rule, the standard carpet sizes for a living room are 160 x 230 cm. Discover more details about : custom carpets.

It’s good to know that a rug too big for a small room tends to visually shrink your space. If you only have a small area, it is best not to cover the floor completely. On the other hand, you can hide the imperfections of the ground by opting for a coating which goes up to the walls. To avoid unpleasant surprises, a custom rug will do.

Large carpets are ideal for large rooms. These models are available in an infinity of styles to match all interior decorations. If you like original or geometric patterns, designer rugs are for you. This allows you to create a personalized decoration according to your inspiration. To impress your guests, there is nothing better than high-end carpets. Made to measure, designer carpets will give you an authentic and unique decoration.

The current trend is to lay carpets under furniture. This brings a touch of modernity into your interior. For an excellent result, it is better to opt for a carpet larger than the furniture under which it will be placed. A carpet that extends about 50 cm on either side of a piece of furniture makes it possible to highlight it. For example, you can put a rounded rug under the coffee table.

Choose the color of your custom rug

The color of your living room rug must match your furniture and the dominant colors of the room. It depends on the atmosphere you want to enjoy in your living room. To enjoy a beautiful harmony of color in your living room, you can opt for a rug with custom colors. Traditional shades such as gray, black, white and brown are the most popular. They bring a touch of discretion and simplicity in your living room while highlighting the beauty of your furniture. These colors are also known to fit all styles.

The carpet color appropriate to your interior decoration depends mainly on your tastes. Generally, light-colored carpets create a peaceful atmosphere in your living room. While the dark colors show a discreet and sober appearance. Currently, several modern carpet models are available in bright and warm colors. These tones will bring a touch of cheerfulness and warmth into your home. A carpet matching the color of your sofa would also be ideal.

One of the timeless styles for the living room remains the combination of black and white colors. This gives a decorative rendering both elegant and stylish. You can also opt for a white wool rug for a cocooning atmosphere. The only disadvantage with this material is that it requires rigorous maintenance.

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